Welcome to Jozuri

Our Story

Jozuri is the manifestation of the desire to create plant-based products that encourage self-care and healing, naturally. Our products represent the great wisdom that flows from, to and through our people. We exist to enlighten others about the benefits of CBD while creating a unique space for wellness and holistic healing. And through our entire line, you will find essential products that ease your body, spirit, and mind.

Our products are made for. From the well-versed, mature holistic healer to those who are newly discovering plant-based healing products, we aim to reach, teach, and heal all people on the spectrum.To do this, we created a product line that promotes healing from head to toe with each product offering its own magical benefits.

Our company started as most great things do, very small. We entered the cannabis industry in 2004 and quickly noticed the strain clipping the plant took on our workers. So we started mixing the scraps in with oils to alleviate the carpal tunnel-like symptoms. It worked. Soon we were giving it to our parents and community elders, those whose bodies ached from the wear and tear of day-to-day life, work, and the trauma of racism. Then we gave it to our children, those whose work was not physically intensive but were stressed out from hustle culture. It worked. It works. Black and independently owned, we’ve had to work ten times as hard to get Jozuri to you. That’s why we are ten times as good.

Our Commitment To You


We are committed to making only the best hemp CBD products – quality manufactured, tested, trusted, and effective.

Quality Manufacturing
Our products were intentionally designed for hemp CBD, meaning the CBD is mixed into the process from the very beginning.   This minimizes separation and ensures a higher quality product.  Whereas many CBD products in the market are infused, meaning the CBD is added after the processing of the product therefore providing a less quality product. 
Comprehensive Testing
3rd party lab tested with a series of tests to ensure public safety.
    • Potency Analysis – quantifies all the major cannabinoids in our products
    • Residual Solvent Analysis – detects any leftover solvents or chemicals that are used during the production process
    • Pesticide Analysis – scans and quantifies, if present, pesticides that California has banned in topicals
    • Microbial Screening – detects harmful bacteria, if present, down to the smallest amount imaginable
    • Mycotoxin Analysis – identifies harmful mycotoxins if present
    • Heavy Metal Analysis – identifies four heavy metals if present.  Lead, Cadmium, Mercury, and Arsenic