Welcome to Jozuri

Our Story

In the beginning, we didn’t make hemp CBD products in order to sell them. We made them for ourselves. We put our own bodies to the test – and we were thrilled with the results. Next, we shared these products with our family and friends. Word of mouth quickly began to spread and requests for refills poured in. The positive reaction was stunning, to say the least.

Now we are equally excited to share our joy here with you, and to share our Jozuri products with the world. These special products are a manifestation of our belief that the hemp plant can offer a rejuvenated sense of self.  When daily life seems so overwhelming, self-care is just what the universe ordered.

Our Commitment To You


We are committed to making only the best hemp CBD products – quality manufactured, tested, trusted, and effective.

Quality Manufacturing
Our products were intentionally designed for hemp CBD, meaning the CBD is mixed into the process from the very beginning.   This minimizes separation and ensures a higher quality product.  Whereas many CBD products in the market are infused, meaning the CBD is added after the processing of the product therefore providing a less quality product. 
Comprehensive Testing
3rd party lab tested with a series of tests to ensure public safety.
    • Potency Analysis – quantifies all the major cannabinoids in our products
    • Residual Solvent Analysis – detects any leftover solvents or chemicals that are used during the production process
    • Pesticide Analysis – scans and quantifies, if present, pesticides that California has banned in topicals
    • Microbial Screening – detects harmful bacteria, if present, down to the smallest amount imaginable
    • Mycotoxin Analysis – identifies harmful mycotoxins if present
    • Heavy Metal Analysis – identifies four heavy metals if present.  Lead, Cadmium, Mercury, and Arsenic